We've been to London a few times but this time my brothers were the tourist and we were pretending to
The purpose of this trip was to visit Wales. So we managed to visit Bath on our way to Cardiff
Winchester, Southampton and Portsmouth are the places which are not so far from each other. After landing at Southampton from
Tim gifted me a 24 hours trip to Edinburgh, Scotland for my 30th Birthday. $#!t!!! 30!!! I actually still feel
Initially my brothers and I discussed a potential trip to the UK so they can meet Tim's family and also
I LOVE UK's Fish & Chips and particularly Anchor Bleu's. Thanks to my lovely mother in-law who invited us for
Tim and I took a flying car to Warner Bros Studios and as we got there, we were welcomed by
Oh Watford we keep going back to you, well you gotta thank Top Golf for that. So earlier that day,
Tim and I visited SouthSea Cafe twice during our second visit to the UK, once with the familia for lunch/
Sadly we had 2 days in London which I personally think is not enough to explore the city. I believe