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I'm writing this blog post with no enthusiasm but I need to keep the recap going. I personally don't know
Now that everything is slowly going to "normal", I thought why not write a blog about what can you do
5 Malls to Visit in Abu Dhabi
Who has ever thought that when the virus was announced in January that it would turn into a world wide
An amazing historical place to visit in the UAE. It is approx. 3000 acre and it was built to tame
The Mangrove Park  opened earlier this year and it was built on Al Jubail Island. The gates open at 8AM
It's a 2 hours drive from Abu Dhabi and extremely long and boring drive but it was indeed worth it.
It was February the 14th 2020, Valentines Day. When we all decided to go on a road trip to Hatta,
It was the perfect Road Trip. We drove from Abu Dhabi to Dubai and picked up our friends and met
This would be my forth visit to Ferrari World Theme Park and my second time with Tim. The last time I