Our honeymoon package included 3 nights in the Maldives. The place is heaven on earth and the hotel we stayed at was
Tim, my uncle and I went for a stroll in downtown Beirut. Unfortunately the place was guarded because of the
Tim's 27th birthday happened to be on a public holiday so we decided to fly to Lebanon for 4 days
This was my first time ever to carve a pumpkin and I decided to carve a minion. Yes, I'm pretty
Happy Halloween Ya'll This year, Tim and I decided to skip the whole pumpkin carving and attended my uncle's 'Alpe'
Tim and I were advised not to take the bus or taxi to Sentosa Island because we would have to
I met a girl in Singapore who is originally from Hong Kong and she highly recommended trying Jumbo Crab so I
By far the village trip was my favourite; Zudhi (our guide) joined us because we needed a translator. Below are
The owner of the Riad 'Rashid' was kind enough to take us to the Atlas Mountains. Before heading there, we