After months of trying to select an inexpensive place to celebrate our nuptial, we then decided on a restaurant by
I'm not really a good story teller but here goes.... Once upon a time, there was a King who ruled
You can actually see Portsmouth from Hayling Island; it's a small city that has a mini Burj Al Arab ironically named
Tim was raised on a small island all the way down south called 'Hayling Island'. It is a very chillaxed place
When I told my close friends Miassar and Christina that I’ll be travelling to Istanbul for 3 days, they immediately
Being born and raised in the Middle East, I’m accustomed to hearing the ‘Athan’, which is the call for prayer.
Jebel Jais is the tallest mountain in the UAE which is located in the northern part of  the country in
My colleagues and I along with our spouses celebrated the Holy Month of Ramadan at the Asateer Tent which is
The Zoo offers various packages and we purchased the generic ticket along with the river safari + night safari. We
My husband 'Tim' and I love to travel and we do it whenever we have the opportunity since we both