Lots of events happened in Abu Dhabi in the month of October and honestly, it was a blast. A good
Yup! Eminem performed in Abu Dhabi AGAIN!!!!! This was my first Eminem concert and we had an awesome time. The
Yas Movies usually takes place on the month of October for 3 days and the event falls on Thursday, Friday
Tim was out of  town and I decided to meet my girlfriends in Dubai for a cup of coffee to
Hi, Welcome to Bellion Travels As some of you may know, I like to discuss various topics on my blog
Hi Everyone, Welcome to Bellion Travels I would like to introduce my childhood best friend, Zeinab El Husseini. She is
Tim's 31st Birthday was on 23rd Sept and I now managed to find time to blog about it. His birthday
*Warning: LONG BLOG POST When I was a child, my parents wanted me to either be a doctor or an
God! I can't believe we are already in October and it's just 2 more months till end of the year.
There are so many travel movies that I've watched but here are 5 of the Travel Movies that just crossed