Breaking Bad – Walter’s Coffee Roastery

If you are a Breaking Bad fan, then I recommend you try out the coffee shop. It is located on the lower ground floor of Dubai Mall. Tim and I were accompanied by our best friend Mimi and her sister Safa. Who are fans of the show but don’t judge me, I’m still on season 2.



They prepared the coffee in the coolest way. The Walters Lab is where all the coffee experiments happen. Nah, it’s just a show to attract the customers but honestly it pretty cool.



Bellion Travel Rating:

Drinks: Good

Atmosphere: Good

Menu Variety: Good

Value for Price Paid: Fair

Visited: June 2017

Location: Dubai Mall

*this is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own.

Best Coffee in UAE at November Cafe

Located in the outskirts of Sharjah city, far from civilization. What I mean by civilization, no skyscrapers and no accessible public transportation. My brother ‘Mohammad’ introduced us to November Café and we tried a lot of different type of coffees.


Their signature drink is called Novo Rose and I ordered it twice. The coffee beans are imported from Italy and desserts are baked fresh from their oven like cookies and biscuits. They place accommodates 11- 13 people. Although the café is tiny, we highly recommend you to try their coffee.


Signature Coffee

Bellion Travel Rating:

Drinks: Excellent

Atmosphere: Good

Menu Variety: Very Good

Value for Price Paid: Very Good

Visited: August 2017


*this is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own.