Digital Marketing Event at Hangry Hangers

Ever since I started following Hangry Hangers on Facebook, I constantly check their upcoming events. In addition to that, I joined EventBrite and registered online for Digital Marketing Event for Start Ups.


Besides the fact that this website is a startup, we also have future plans to start our own business so we thought this event would be a great opportunity to market our services and also can be cost effective. Tim and I learned a lot about Digital Marketing, Web Content and Social Media. The event was organised by The Bureau Dubai. 


The Bureau Dubai helps entrepreneurs set up their business or even assist start ups. They’ve got service office you can lease. Not necessary an office, you can also rent a desk.

As mentioned in my previous blog, Hangry Hangers offers street food. We ordered from Hooked and they cooked the meal and served immediately, Tim had a Teryaki Beef Pita Taco and I had Tofu Pita Taco. A fusion of Asian and Mexican and must I say ‘es muy delicioso’.


So here is a summary of the post.

  1. Looking to attend a useful and valuable workshops and courses, check out EventBrite.
  2. Want to start up a company in Dubai, then contact The Bureau Dubai.
  3. Hang out at Hangry Hangers with Friends and Family and enjoy your time


*It is not a sponsored post and opinion and photos are my own.


If you see your picture featured and don’t want it to be, email me with link and I will take it down right away.

Food Trucks are a trend in Dubai

Food trucks are a thing here in Dubai and it’s categorised as one of the cool things to try in the city.

It does have a nice feel to it however abroad, the food trucks are considered street food and cheap, unlike here where it’s a trend and the food are overly priced.

So far Tim and I have been to 5 places with Food Trucks.

We’ve been to…..

  1. Salt: Located on the beach and they once served burgers in a black bun which was available for a limited time only. We’ve been to the one in Ajman and Dubai.Salt (1).jpg
  2. Eat the World: An event held by the company I work for. The event takes place in Burj Park and caters several food trucks. Our friend Katherine joined us on that event. It usually occurs in March. Eat the World 01
  3. Hangry Hangers: Yes!!! Hangry and not Hungry …We went there with our friends Ivana and Mohammad. It was a temporary indoor food truck located in a warehouse.HOW AWESOME IS THATHangry Hangers (2)Hangry Hangers (1)
  4. Last Exit: We’ve been there 3 times already and it’s a pretty awesome place. It has the vibe of the 60s and 70s and it’s located at the Exit of Abu Dhabi to Dubai that’s why they named it the ‘LAST EXIT’ and they’ve opened a second branch heading to Al Ain. The new one looks more like a cowboy ranch / horse stable kind of style.Last Exit (1)Last Exit (2)Last Exit (3)
  5. TruckersDXB: A Food Truck Event that is held every Saturday in different parts of Dubai.  Check them out on facebook (1)TrucksDXB (2)

If we visit more Food Trucks in Dubai, for sure I’ll share it with you guys.

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Guns ‘n Roses in Dubai

Sept 2016, Dubai Calendar announced that Guns ‘n Roses will be performing in Dubai on March 3rd 2017 so that we can be prepared once they release the tickets online.

*scroll for videos 🙂


At around November 2016, I read an ad on Instagram that said ‘Virgin Mega Store Australia are selling Guns ‘N Roses DUBAI LIVE Tickets’. I clicked on the ad to make sure it was legit. Once it was confirmed, of course I got thrilled and without any hesitation purchased the tickets for myself, Tim, my brother Omar and my best friend Mimi.


Fast forward to March 3rd 2017, we arrived at the venue at 6PM to avoid the traffic. Generally concerts in Dubai have freebees, games, food and other entertainments around the stage to occupy the people before the show. I won a free t-shirt, Tim and Mimi won a cap and Omar won 20% off for any Hard Rock Merchandise.


The first opening act was a Nepalese band called Point of View and they started their gig at 8PM which lasted half an hour. At around 9PM, Guns ‘N Roses took over the stage and the crowd went WILD all the way till midnight.



It was hell of a night and till today, we still can’t get over how amazing it was. Great to witness the LEGENDS



Here are the videos as promised 🙂



YUP!! We Dubaians (that’s what I call people from Dubai) have an Opera Theatre. Luckily I work for the developer so I sometimes manage to get really good tickets to some of the shows. So far, Tim and I attended ‘The Impossible’ which was a magic show and also attended ‘Les Miserable’ with my girlfriends and managed to get our own personal box. WOOP WOOP.

DubaiOpera Impossible.jpg

Dubai Opera.jpg

Dubai is a city filled with ART. From it’s galleries to it’s lavish skyscrapers and now this classical theatre where all amazing intentional shows are being held such as CATS, Nutcracker, Italian Operas and much much more.

We are so fortunate to be living in such a city and to experience magnificent shows in one of the most sophisticated theatres in the world.

If you ever live or visit Dubai, please experience it even if it’s once.

Below are youtube videos of some of the shows.

UAE – Celebrating 45th National Day at Rugby 7’s

On 2ND December 2016, UAE celebrated their 45th National Day.

It was the day Sheikh Zayed (1st president) declared that all 7 Emirates unite together and create this wonderful nation called ‘United Arab Emirates’. I’m very fortunate to be born and brought up here and I’m glad Tim and I will be settling here for some time before our next venture. I’m one of the non-nationals who witnessed the growth of this glorious country from a desert into a futuristic city. We usually celebrate by eating the traditional Emirati dessert called ‘Gemat’ and watch the traditional performances.

BLOG UAE 01.jpg

On that day, Tim and I celebrated at the Rugby 7’s. Since I was invited to the event, I had a separate ticket than Tim’s. I have an amazing view of the field but got bored and spent almost 2 hours on my reserved seat and then moved to the general seating to spend the whole day with Tim. We had breakfast and lunch over there and had a great time watching international and local teams play against each other and joining the energetic fans screaming and cheering for their teams.


It was a hell of an experience for me since I don’t know anything about Rugby. It was a 3 day’s events and we just attended the 2nd day. It’s a decent event for families because the adults can enjoy the drinks and the games while the kids are entertained with children playgrounds and activities.

Rugby 2.jpg

Overall we had a great time and I learned a lot about Rugby. What’s cool about the 7s is that each game is 14 minutes rather than the norm of 80 minutes so you will never get bored because the teams keeps changing which makes Rugby interesting to watch.

Rugby 3.jpg

It was a fun and one the best ways to celebrate national day.

Happy 45th UAE

Halloween Party -2015

This was my first time ever to carve a pumpkin and I decided to carve a minion. Yes, I’m pretty much obsessed. Tim’s skull looks awesome though, don’t cha agree?


For Halloween we attended my friends ‘Christina’s Halloween party.  I went as a witch and Tim went as a lizard.


We spent the night playing games and enjoying snacks. Mimi wore a cereal box around her neck with a knife (get it?? serial killer) LOL.


Halloween is always fun around good company and good friends, we just spent the whole night mingling and playing the game MAFIA which made us laugh a lot.


high light of the party, Tim’s mask lol

Halloween Party – 2016

Happy Halloween Ya’ll


This year, Tim and I decided to skip the whole pumpkin carving and attended my uncle’s ‘Alpe’ friends Halloween Party. We never knew there was a costume competition and WE WON!!!! lol.

Tim and I won ‘best couple costumes’ and the prize was a free meal with drinks at an American Sports Bar. Awesome!! FREE BURGERS FOR US. WUHUUUU 🙂


My uncle won ‘best costume’, when they announced that my uncle’s the winner, his friend shouted ‘EVERY ****ING YEAR. He really does put 200% effort on his costume and does it by himself. He’s great and talented.

Many people wore awesome costumes, a group of female friends went as ‘Female Avengers’. They were adorable.

We had fun mingling with people and enjoying the music and of course glad we WON.