Bellion Travel’s Pancit Palabok

One of our favourite Filipino dishes that we cooked for our Ramadan iftar.

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Wokyo – Japanese Noodle Restaurant in Dubai

Wokyo serves the best Japanese noodles in Dubai. They are located in JLT, Cluster J. Tim and I must have visited that place more than 3 times already and tried all kinds of noodles and sauces.

WOK (3)

It’s very similar to the concept of Subway but instead of Sandwiches, you are getting NOODLES. YES!!!! YOU READ RIGHT. NOOOODLESSSSSS


The staff are very friendly and the service is prompt. The restaurant sells Japanese products as well as has Japanese board games and books to entertain yourself and of course origami.

WOK (1).jpg

WOK (2).jpg

The place is worth visiting and you can go for a nice walk around the area after finishing your meal. It’s one of the best Japanese casual restaurants that Tim and I enjoy going back to.

Wok (5).jpg

Wok 6.jpg

Food Trucks are a trend in Dubai

Food trucks are a thing here in Dubai and it’s categorised as one of the cool things to try in the city.

It does have a nice feel to it however abroad, the food trucks are considered street food and cheap, unlike here where it’s a trend and the food are overly priced.

So far Tim and I have been to 5 places with Food Trucks.

We’ve been to…..

  1. Salt: Located on the beach and they once served burgers in a black bun which was available for a limited time only. We’ve been to the one in Ajman and Dubai.Salt (1).jpg
  2. Eat the World: An event held by the company I work for. The event takes place in Burj Park and caters several food trucks. Our friend Katherine joined us on that event. It usually occurs in March. Eat the World 01
  3. Hangry Hangers: Yes!!! Hangry and not Hungry …We went there with our friends Ivana and Mohammad. It was a temporary indoor food truck located in a warehouse.HOW AWESOME IS THATHangry Hangers (2)Hangry Hangers (1)
  4. Last Exit: We’ve been there 3 times already and it’s a pretty awesome place. It has the vibe of the 60s and 70s and it’s located at the Exit of Abu Dhabi to Dubai that’s why they named it the ‘LAST EXIT’ and they’ve opened a second branch heading to Al Ain. The new one looks more like a cowboy ranch / horse stable kind of style.Last Exit (1)Last Exit (2)Last Exit (3)
  5. TruckersDXB: A Food Truck Event that is held every Saturday in different parts of Dubai.  Check them out on facebook (1)TrucksDXB (2)

If we visit more Food Trucks in Dubai, for sure I’ll share it with you guys.

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UK – Anchor Bleu’s Fish & Chips

I LOVE UK’s Fish & Chips and particularly Anchor Bleu’s. Thanks to my lovely mother in-law who invited us for Tim’s 28th Birthday. I really enjoyed the vibe, the service and the food.

If ever you stop by that area, please order their Fish and Chips and around the corner, there’s a cute souvenir and art gallery to check out.

The place is really cozy and feels like home.





Philippines – Mushroom Burger

This blog is dedicated for Mushrooms Lovers.

I love having mushrooms in my meal, like:

  1. Mushroom Risotto
  2. Sautéed Mushrooms with my English Breakfast
  3. Mushroom & Ricotta Bruschetta
  4. Mushroom Sauce on Chicken

The list goes on and on and on…..

So to all the mushroom lovers out there, brace yourself for ‘TAGAYTAY’S MUSHROOM BURGER’.

Mushroom Burger 2.jpg

One of the most mouthwatering burgers I’ve ever had. So at the entrance of the restaurant, you will find a glass closet that displays all the types of wild mushrooms. What they do is the following, either mix the mushroom with the beef or chicken patty or just a mushroom patty. Unquestionably I went for the mushroom patty and of course extra mushroom sauce LOL.

If ever you visit Tagaytay, Mushroom burger is a must stop. Just so you know, the queue is long and the prices range from Php 80 – Php 130 depending on the order.


For your reference, I’ve attached the location map below for your visit. Hope it helps  🙂 Bon Appetite