Game of Thrones Tour in Girona

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Tim and I are fans of the AMAZING series called GAME OF THRONES. When we visited Spain, we knew Girona was one of the cities where Kings Landing and Braavos were filmed. Since we were in Barcelona and it only takes half an hour to get there by train, we were like HELL YEAH we are visiting Girona. Best part of it all, they have a 90 min walking GOT tour OMG OMG OMG !!!!!!! We purchased the ticket right away and visited the imaginary cities called Kings Landing and Braavos.

Our tour guide had a tablet with him the whole time so he would walk us to the film location and show us the scene on his tablet. IT WAS THE COOOOLEST THING EVER!!! It makes you appreciate the series more and the city itself. We were on the steps where the character Margaery walked the famous walk of shame. Where Arya Stark was being chased by The Waif. It was one hell of the tour. The tour ended with a free ice cream of Jaimie Lannister’s Golden Hand:) The tour included film location and a brief history of the city.

After the tour, Tim and I grabbed lunch at the plaza and decided to explore the city. Girona is known to be the capital city of the Jews and has a Jewish Quarter to explore. Tim and I visited the Jewish Museum where they display a summarised history of Jews on how they were torched by the Spaniards. Most of Girona’s Jewish community have moved and settled in Israel and some returned to Girona.

We continued our tour to a Catholic Cathedral. The style of the church is very much Gothic and has an interesting displays. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take photos.

Our final visit was to an Arab Bath.

As the sun started to set, we headed back to the train station to catch our train to Barcelona but before that, we stopped at the coffee shop to grab the best HOT CHOCOLATE in the whole world. Dark Chocolate melted to satisfy your palate. We had a quick stop at Cafe L’Arc where Game of Thrones actors had their coffee breaks.

Oh Girona you taught us a lot and thank you again for the amazing Game of Thrones experience.

Ciao for now

Mother of Dragons


Morocco – Game of Thrones

When I first met Tim, he managed to convince me to watch Game of Thrones (GoT) which led me to become a GoT addict. There’s something about that show that grabs your full attention and attaches you to the characters that die in the most hideous way. My favourite character who is not dead yet is Khaleesi (The Mother of Dragons). Besides that Tim and I are born on the year of the Dragon; her character is powerful and is a great example to women.

Tim and I visited a place called Essaouria, it’s a historical city of Blue & White and GoT was filmed there. FYI, Khaleesi’s scenes were shot there. The city also has modern buildings where many Spanish and French investors purchase apartments and either rent it out or reside during summer.

Essaouria was only a 1 day trip, we did not do any crazy activity. The trip wasn’t a hassle, we spent it on the beach and had lunch at a seafood restaurant. Of course! Visited the castle and market where GoT was filmed. We also did a little shopping and took lots of pictures.