10 Things Not To Say To An Interracial Couple

Although I’m a mix of Filipino Palestinian, I ended up marrying an English guy so our household traditions is like Halo-Halo which means MIX-MIX. I always wanted to date someone outside my race because I find other cultures which are not similar to mine interesting but never ever in a million years, I would have thought I’d end up with a British man and I’m so happy and grateful for having him in my life.

When I told my family and friends that I was dating an English guy, some of them were not supportive and would throw comments here and there. So out of experience, here are the 10 Things Not To Say To An Interracial Couple because it could be rude.

How do your parents feel about you dating someone outside of your race?

Our parents want what is best for us. Some parents don’t take it well but trust me if it’s meant to be it will happen.

Thankfully our parents took it well. Thanks for asking.



I don’t think you should date someone out of your race.

You can’t tell us who to date and who not to date. Take care of your own Love Life, THANK YOU.



Don’t you want your kids to look like you?

????!!!!!! I’m sure my kids will look better than you.


You don’t like dating people of your own race?


What do you think your kids will identify as?


I’ve always wanted to date a (Racial Category) you’re so lucky.


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Have you decided what language your kids are going to speak?

The languages they can pick up.

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It must be challenging dealing with different backgrounds.

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Compromise, respect each other and create your own culture

Are you sure your relationship will work out?

Doesn’t matter the race. Even if you date or marry someone of the same culture, you still will need to maintain and work hard on your relationship.

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Do even have anything in common?

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How We Met

My husband ‘Tim’ and I love to travel and we do it whenever we have the opportunity since we both have full-time jobs. We both met while travelling; who would have ever thought, buying a last minute ticket to Singapore would lead to your soul-mate.

We were introduced by a guy who worked at the hostel we were staying at and I instantly knew Tim is the one. It’s a feeling I cannot explain. After spending 2 days together in Singapore, we said our goodbyes, exchanged numbers and parted our separate ways, Tim continued his journey to the Philippines and I travelled to Malaysia.

Thinking this is the end of our friendship but Nooo, we just couldn’t stop messaging each other. I later flew back to Dubai and he returned to the UK and that’s when things progressed. We moved from messaging each other to skyping every single day. We in fact dedicated a specific time for Skype. I later asked him, if our relationship will lead to somewhere. He then booked a ticket to Dubai for the weekend to meet me. We then discussed and agreed that we should give it a try and Tim suggested we meet every month in a new country.

The following month we met up in Marrakesh, Morocco and things got pretty serious, we started discussing moving to the other ones country. He then met up with me again in Dubai and we discussed commitment but we thought it would be better to go with the flow.

The next month, I flew to Istanbul, Turkey where he followed me. After visiting the historical mosques Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque, we continued walking towards  the street where the famous Grand Bazaar is located, the street is filled with jewellery stores and Tim asked me to pick an engagement ring, as he wants me to wear something that I love. Being an Asian, I bargained and managed to get 20% off. Tim was insisting that it was okay but I just had to, its in me to bargain.

Months passed and Tim got relocated to Abu Dhabi where we started building our home together and months later, we got married in Dubai court.

I must say, long distance relationships are not easy at all. When there’s a will from both sides then there’s a way. It takes patience, work and loyalty. If the relationship doesn’t work out, it means he/she is not the one for you and you will realise it in the long run and besides you’ll understand why it did not work in the first place. Also what follows is way better and incomparable than what you thought was perfect.

When something is meant to be, it will happen in ease.

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