AHHH! I wish we could go back to our “normal” life. I miss travelling and exploring new places but being stuck in Abu Dhabi during the pandemic, allowed us to discover the capital. However, now it is time to leave the big city and move back to Dubai. The city where I was born and the city of life.

Everyone is moving to new countries and new places but I keep going back to Dubai. I guess it is not yet our time to relocate to another country but we never know what tomorrow brings. Many things are happening now and I cannot wait to settle in our new home and start over.

So, let me share what has happened in the first month of 2021.

Destinations I have visited:

  • Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: I visited many new places and explored the city during 2020 and I will definitely write about it on a separate blog post.
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates: I had to visit the city for an interview. Tim and I spent 24 hours in Dubai. We ate at Vietnamese Foodies and stayed at ROVE Downtown.

Highlights of the month:

  • I would say the biggest highlight is that I resigned from my job and will start a new career soon.
  • I enrolled for a Master’s Degree in Real Estate.
  • We finalised a new place in Dubai.
  • Packed 90% of our stuff in Abu Dhabi.
  • I was indirectly required to be vaccinated because I work for a semi-government company. Tim and I took the first dose of Sinopharm in January 2021.

Series I watched:

  • Wanda Vision: HBO is releasing an episode every week so we haven’t finished the series but so far I’m loving how weird it is. 
  • Ramy (Season 1 & 2): As a Muslim half Arab, I can relate to some of the issues in the show. I personally prefer the other characters stories, they are a lot more interesting and I’m not fond of Ramy himself. I love that Mahershala Ali plays the Sheikh. He is one of my favourite actors. I cannot wait for Season 3. 

Movies I watched:

We did not watch any move this month since we were super busy packing and watching series. Also, I have been super busy catching up with uni. but we made plan that once we move to Dubai and settle, we will have movie night.  



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Books I read:

I decided not to read anything but my studies. I also packed all my books and are waiting to be moved to Dubai.


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