Last Exit – Mad Max Theme

Now that Tim drives everyday to Abu Dhabi, he noticed that Meraas (UAE Real Estate Developer) were building a new Last Exit on the boarders of Dubai-Abu Dhabi but you know what’s cool about it..IT’S A MAD MAX THEME BABY!!!! They named it Last Exit Mad X.




As soon as they announced the opening, we went there as early as we could to check the place out. The ambience is much cooler than the other Last Exits but because it’s new, the place isn’t as busy as the others. They’ve got several Food Trucks with awesome international cuisines and we picked ‘The Stuffed Burger’.



Bellion Travels Rating:-

Food: Good

Atmosphere: Very Good

Menu Variety: Very Good

Value for Price Paid: Good

Visited: August 2017

*this is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own

Fresh Juices at Rose Leaf Cafe and Garden Shopping

Rose Leaf is a lovely coffee shop introduced by my dear friend Christina. Tim and I visited Dubai Garden Centre to look for indoor plants for our living room. We stopped at Rose Leaf Coffee Shop for Fresh Juice, the coffee shop is located in the Garden Centre itself. The vibe is so welcoming and cozy and makes you feel like you are away from the city and the desert.

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Bellion Travel Rating:

Food & Drinks: Good

Atmosphere: Good

Menu Variety: Very Good (All Healthy)

Value for Price Paid: Good

Visited: July 2017

*this is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own.

Water Adventure and Dolphins at Atlantis

We celebrated my 28th birthday at Atlantis Palm Jumeirah. My birthday being in December wasn’t the great time for a water park but indeed the best time (low season) for the Swim with the Dolphin activity.



I absolutely had an amazing time and learned a lot about Dolphins and the staff made the Dolphins dance and they all sang Happy Birthday. Since we purchased the Dolphin Adventure & Royal Swim, we get a pass to Aqua Venture Water Park. Like I said it was a bad time for a water park because of the cold weather especially on that day; never less we had an awesome time together.



Activity Prices:

Water Park: AED 260/Person & AED 310/Person including Lost Chamber Aquarium

Dolphin Encounter: AED 750/ Person (Includes Water Park)

Dolphin Adventure: AED 1,025/ Person (Includes Water Park)

Dolphin Royal Swim: AED 1,160/Person (Includes Water Park)

Visited: December 2016

NOTE: Pictures will have to be paid separately

*this is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own.



Breakfast at Jones the Grocer

Jones the Grocer – Dubai

One morning, Tim and I decided to use our Entertainer and look at the breakfast options they offer. We looked up restaurants that weren’t far away from our place and agreed to eat at Jones the Grocer. The restaurant serves lunch and dinner and has a mini mart, bakery and sells variety of cheese. The menu offers mainly western food but has range of dishes to try.

A restaurant ambiance is pleasant, it has floor to ceiling windows which allows natural light to brighten the space and the interiors are quite minimal. I like its interiors and everything they offer. Yes, it is a bit pricey for what they serve but every now and then I like to buy cheese from their store.



Bellion Travel Rating:

Food: Good

Atmosphere: Good

Menu Variety: Good

Value for Price Paid: Good

Visited: July 2017

Location: Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai, Al Safa 2, Dubai

*this is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own.



Stand Up Comedy Show at Hangry Hangers

Hello after a very long break from blogging.

Tim has been helping me redesign the website while I add the logo on the images. The website is up and running but I’ve got lots of images to edit.

So what have we been up to lately?

Tim’s been commuting every day from Abu Dhabi and we’ve been attending workshops and events on weekends. Our recent event was a stand-up comedy live show at Hangry Hanger organised by Dubomedy.

Hangry Hanger is situated in a warehouse in Al Qouz, they’ve got indoor food trucks serving delicious street food. This is a Dubai concept and not a typical food trucks event and it is indoor due to the humid hot weather.


The event was successfull and lots of people showed up. Tim, Mimi, Ivana, Mohammad and I sat upstairs and watched the 2 hours show and just had a great laugh. So if you ever want to hang out indoors to escape the heat and have fast food out of a truck then hangry hanger is a great place for you to visit.

In addition, if you are interested in becoming a professional comedian, check out Dubomedy because they offer training courses and provide opportunity for you to be able to perform live in UAE.



Dubai in Three (3) Days

If you are visiting Dubai for 3 days, here are the places we recommend you to visit.

Day 1:

  • Visit Old Dubai and Ride the Abra (Located at the Al Fahidi Metro Station)
  • Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountain.  All those attraction are located in Dubai Mall which is currently the largest mall in the world. (Dubai Mall Metro Station)


  • FB_IMG_1499323097155.jpg

Day 2:

  • Desert Safari, Camel Ride and Dinner at a Bedouin Tent. You can book through any Tour Agency in Dubai and even Hotels can book it for you. We recommend you contact the Tour agency directly, they’ll offer a better rate.
  • Spend the late night in Dubai Marina. There are so many restaurants, bars and cafes to try.


Day 3:

  • Emirates Mall for Skiing OR Water Park activity either at ATLANTIS or WILD WADI
  • Dinner at Madinat Jumeirah



There are other places to visit and tons of activities to do. You can also look at visiting IMG World which is the biggest indoor Theme Park and trust me it is worth visiting, there’s the Miracle Garden in Dubai Land and Dubai Parks and Resorts which include Lego Land, Motion Gate and Bollywood.

Hope you will visit Dubai soon 🙂

Appam Corner – Dubai Investment Park

One of the best and affordable Indian restaurants in Dubai Investment Park. We gave it a try when we read free unlimited Appams and visited quite few times ever since. Appams are type of bread displayed in the picture below.


Tim had the meat thali while I had the veggie thali. Thali is a meal where different types of curries are served on a leaf.  When I say it’s affordable, I do mean it; the meals range from £2 – £6. If ever you feel like having Indian food, do give it a try. Thali’s are always the best but only served for lunch so if you go there for dinner I recommend the Tandoori Combo.


The restaurant is good for people who love meat and vegans.

Life ‘n One

If you are a Vegan or in love with Yoga and Nature then Life ‘n One is the best place for you. I asked Tim where he wanted to go for lunch and he said he wanted something healthy. So I took him to a Vegan place and Tim loves meat so I laughed a lot when he was going through the menu.

Life N One

Anyway the place is not quite difficult to find and parking is not an issue. It is a reasonable sized villa that offers Yoga and Meditation classes. In the backyard or as the English call it a garden, they have a cosy set up with wooden tables and chairs and very colourful theme for people to enjoy their meal, work on their laptop or even read a book.


Life ‘n One is slightly over charged (that’s my opinion) but overall the experience was pleasant. They served us flavoured water, Tim had a vegan burger and I ordered a quinoa salad with kale. In addition, we both had seaweed salad on the side which was my favourite.

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So if ever you want to visit, I’d say morning would be the best time and also the place is animal friendly. Oh one of more info, you’ll pay your bill at the exit where you can also enquire about the Yoga and Meditation classes.


Wokyo – Japanese Noodle Restaurant in Dubai

Wokyo serves the best Japanese noodles in Dubai. They are located in JLT, Cluster J. Tim and I must have visited that place more than 3 times already and tried all kinds of noodles and sauces.

WOK (3)

It’s very similar to the concept of Subway but instead of Sandwiches, you are getting NOODLES. YES!!!! YOU READ RIGHT. NOOOODLESSSSSS


The staff are very friendly and the service is prompt. The restaurant sells Japanese products as well as has Japanese board games and books to entertain yourself and of course origami.

WOK (1).jpg

WOK (2).jpg

The place is worth visiting and you can go for a nice walk around the area after finishing your meal. It’s one of the best Japanese casual restaurants that Tim and I enjoy going back to.

Wok (5).jpg

Wok 6.jpg

A Farm in the Desert

Al Barari is the name of the farm located in Dubai in the middle of an unexpected location. The access to the farm is through the high way or how my husband calls it ‘motor way’.

The place is so peaceful and the food’s deliciously healthy. You’ll have to book days in advance to get a decent table and the farm is always better to be visited in winter, DUBAI WINTER because of the outdoor area.

FARM (1).jpg

Tim and I visited in January and had a lovely breakfast by the pond. If ever you would like to visit, you can contact the farm on +971 4 392 5660 or check out their website It is worth the visit.

FARM (2)

Farm (3)Farm (4)