Here I am blogging about November 2020 Recap on 30 Dec. 2020. I can’t believe we are approaching end of 2020. 

Today morning, my husband and I were discussing how we learned a lot from 2020 but also he said it was a useless year. We had a lot in mind, we were suppose to visit England to celebrate my sister-in-laws birthday, we were suppose to travel to Colombia and this year was suppose to be the year our condo in Philippines will be handed over but none of that happened. We spent 99% of our time in Abu Dhabi. I have a lot that happened but that will be a December 2020 recap because weirdly it all happened in December.

So let me share a quick recap of our November.


  • We were asked by the Government to quarantine for 14 days wearing a tracker because we were exposed to someone with Covid.
  • I was quarantined for 21 days in the month of November because I met someone who had Covid. Thankfully, we had no symptoms and were tested negative.
  • November 2020 was mainly spent at home.

What I watched?



What I read this month?

Still trying to finish the books. 

Here is a look at my GoodReads.

What did I blog about?

Nothing lol.