Sri Lanka – “It’s Always Tea Time” – Mad Hatter

Zudhi took us to one of the best tea factories in Sri Lanka called the Bluefield Tea Factory. Here is what I roughly remember from our trip in the factory. I can’t remember exact details as I was busy taking photos and barely paying attention.


Bluefield Tea Factory

Well at the main door of the factory, we were greeted by a very cute Sri Lankan lady who was a newlywed at that time and didn’t want children. She explained that there are different kinds of tea; green, white, black and gold. The most expensive one was the gold one. LIKE DUH!!!!

Here is what I can recall, first they pluck the leaves then either they keep the leaves under the sun or in a cool area and eventually the leaves become dry. Also they had another way where they place the plucked leaves in a machine that crushes them in order for the ‘leaf juice’ to come out. Finally, they are kept in a temperature control room where each machine is set on a different temperature and that’s how you get different kinds of colours of tea leaves.

For more information, please google lol or visit the Bluefield Tea Factory. I’m the worst person to talk to about tea. At the end of the tour, the lady took us to the store and we bought packs and tried various types of tea. It was a Mad Hatters Tea Party LOL



Sri Lanka -Yes! I officially Love Tea

My brother Mohammad travelled to Sri Lanka weeks before we did and when he got back, he bought lots of tea and asked us to buy him some more when we visit.

I teased him by asking ‘what’s so special about their tea,  you British wannabe?’. He replies ‘well….. you think what you are drinking in Dubai is tea?’ Me: Ummmm Yes, whats the difference? Anyway doesn’t matter, I’m more of a coffee person. Mohammad’s reply was ‘You will regret saying that *Ate’.

*Ate: [pronounced Ah-Teh] which is a Filipino word to address the older sister/female with respect. 

Weeks passed and I had my first morning tea in Sri Lanka and DAMN!! my little brother was right. Tim bullied me the whole entire holiday because I constantly kept drinking tea. We also went to a tea factory which I will blog about separately and I managed to buy 4 packs of Sri Lankan tea.

Yeah!! Yeah!!! I’m officially a tea lover.