This blog is going to be different. Its been 5 months since I wrote my last blog and it wasn't
AHHH! I wish we could go back to our “normal” life. I miss travelling and exploring new places but being
Hi readers, I couldn't blog for weeks because I had a lot going on and I'm still busy but I'm
OMG! Today is the last day of 2020. It was such a weird year and I hated it. Besides the
Here I am blogging about November 2020 Recap on 30 Dec. 2020. I can't believe we are approaching end of
I can't believe I did not blog for almost 3 months. Seriously, I don't know what is wrong with me.
September was a busy month. Besides working late which became the new norm, Tim and I decided to drive around
In the initial stages of quarantine I was doing great. Keeping in touch with family and friends, working from home,
I'm writing this blog post with no enthusiasm but I need to keep the recap going. I personally don't know
Not much has happened. I have been working every single day until late night because of data migration at the