Philippines – Island Hopping in El Nido

Philippines – Island Hopping in El Nido

El Nido is by far the most beautiful place we’ve visited in Palawan. Since there are no local flights that arrives there, we had to take a bumpy 6 hours’ van journey from Puerto Princesa. Yes, it was extremely tiring. Mohammad and I fell asleep the whole journey however Tim watched the Dare Devil series on his tablet. As soon as we arrived, we got on a tricycle straight to our hostel which is located 2 minutes away from the beach.

We stayed in El Nido for 2 days only so here goes our adventure summarised in one blog post.

Day 1:

We checked out the beach side that’s next to our hostel and decided to explore the area. Tim and I found a reasonably priced massage centre so we of course went in to get pampered while my brother Mohammad continued exploring the neighbourhood.

El Nido 5.jpg

As soon as we were done, Mohammad told us about this area called Barangay Corong Corong which was a 15 minutes’ journey by tricycle from our area called Maligaya. That area has a strip of resorts and amazing hotels by the beach. We just walked along and found a restaurant with amazing view of two islands. Anyway on our way back to the tricycle, one of the resorts had a night club on the beach and there was a party going on since none of us are party people, we decided to head back to our beach and chill at the Jamaican bar.

El Nido 4.jpg

We ordered mojitos and nachos but after some time we all got annoyed at the DJ. He continuously kept saying ‘check mic, mic check’ so we left the bar and went to an Arabic restaurant instead. Yup, like we don’t have enough Arabic culture in UAE. So we spent the night smoking grape mint shisha.

El Nido 1.jpg

Day 2:

There are several types of Island Hopping and according to the islands we were interested to visit, they were all under Type A. At around 8 in the morning, our tour guide picked us up from the hostel and we followed him to the beach where the boat was waiting. Our group consisted for 4 tour guides, 3 Spanish friends and their maids, 1 American guy and a family.

Type A Island Hopping is a tour around 5 islands that will be mentioned below. They are the ‘MUST VISIT’ destinations in Palawan. I won’t be describing much of the islands, I will let the images do it for you.

Island #1 Small Lagoon

As soon as we got there, the tour guide said we could either swim around or rent a kayak. So we all looked at each other and jumped into the water.



Island #2 Big Lagoon

We didn’t swim but we really admired the beauty of the Lagoon


Big Lagoon 2.jpg

Island # 3 Secret Lagoon – Super Secret No Pictures So Go See for Yourself LOL

You will need your wet suit shoes, actually you will need it the whole time in Palawan. There are a lot of corals and you will be stepping on a lot of them at the secret lagoon. If you can’t swim, you will need a life jacket because its deep. The water is dark and you won’t be able to see what’s underneath you.

Island # 4 Shimizu Island

We didn’t do much. We just relaxed and got sun kissed while the tour guides caught fish and prepared lunch for us. Yup, food fresh and was live BBQ.

Shimizu 2.jpg

Shimizu Island 1.jpg

Island # 5 Seven Commandos Beach

Best island tow swim and drink coconuts. We stayed at the island an extra hour because the American guy was missing. After sending groups of guides to help locate him, they found him sleeping on top of a tree LOL13096190_10154139683828103_6917004366381067948_n



As soon as we arrived back to our shore, Tim and I went for a massage. Mohammad met us later and we all went to this awesome burger place near the hostel called Lucky Alofa. I’m not kidding, it was the best burger we had, it looked and tasted juice and ahhh the sauce was so heavenly. We were so hungry, we forgot to take pictures.

When we got back to the hostel, we packed our bags to get ready for our 2AM trip back to Puerto Princesa. We had to catch an early flight back to Manila and it was a 6 hours bumpy drive. We stopped a couple of times to pee by the road but since I’m a female, I peed behind the van while it’s pitch black and random cars passing with their bright lights on. WHAT AN EXPERIENCE.


Anyway we managed to reach there early so we got on an early flight. Awh Palawan was such an amazing adventure.

Also guys, if you are looking for a budgeted place to stay, our hostel is called Melting Pot, El Nido. The location is perfect and not far from the beach and restaurants. Check it out.

Tim and I officially declare Palawan as our island to be hehe


Philippines – Island Hopping in Puerto Princesa

Philippines has 7,107 islands and out of all of them, we were so eager to visit Palawan. My brother ‘Mohammad’ and cousin ‘Marvin’ accompanied us on this adventure to Paradise.

Maldives can be Paradise but it’s nothing compared to Palawan.

Marvin organised the whole trip and as soon as we landed in Puerto Princesa which is where the airport is located in Palawan; our tour guide immediately took us Island Hopping, so we changed into our swimming outfits and got in the boat straight to Cowrie Island for lunch.

Below are the 4 islands we visited in Puerto Princesa.

Cowrie Island: The island is sunny and the sands white. We stopped there and enjoyed a delicious seafood buffet and walked around the island to digest before heading to our next island to snorkel and of course we drank lots of Buko which means Coconuts in Tagalog.

Cowrie Island.jpg

Luli Island: We arrived on the shore of the island and took our snorkeling gears with us. While Tim, Marvin and I jumped in the snorkeling area, Mohammad decided to stay back and enjoy the scenery and he explored the island. Tim and Marvin were enjoying their time feeding the little fishies and I went back to the shore to relax.

Turtle Island: By far Turtle Island is favourite place to dive in Puerto Princesa. I’ve done snorkeling before but I’ve never seen such beautiful creatures under water. It was given the name Turtle Island because of the location and the huge turtle on the top of the board.


Starfish Island: The last island we visited in Puerto Princesa was the Starfish Island, it was the perfect island to go for a swim and the island is filled with … yup, you’re right… STAR FISH.

If ever you visit Palwan, you should go Island Hopping and enjoy every moment of it. Never ever forget to take your water camera.