DUBAI – Girls Weekend Activity at Jam Jar

Tim was out of  town and I decided to meet my girlfriends in Dubai for a cup of coffee to catch up but we ended up at Jam Jar and spent the day talking and painting. Jam Jar is like an art space and was founded in 2005. All you have to do is choose your canvas and pay for it and all the supplies will be provided.

Jam Jar 03

Jam Jar01

You can keep your painting with them for it to dry and collect it any day as long as you do not exceed, I think 3 months. Also, if you did not finish your painting, you can always go back and complete it.

Jam Jar 04.jpg

I did not manage to finish mine but I still took it back home since I live in Abu Dhabi.

Jam Jar 02

Jam Jar 05.jpg





First Attempt with Water Colour

The last time I painted with water colours was probably when I was 6 or 7 years old so I thought to sign up for a water colour class and see how it goes.

Honestly, I find it extremely difficult and I panicked in class because my water was spreading all over. I met an amazing lady in the class and she told me that practice makes perfect. So I decided hell with it I will continue my classes and till I somewhat master it.

So the first class was about painting a fashionista.

Water Colour 01.jpg

Gouache Painting

When I was a kid, drawing and painting were things I was passionate about and my mum enrolled me in an Art Institute for summer holidays and I learned a lot but after my mother died, my interest in art started to die slowly. However, I would still paint or sketch whenever I found the time but I was constantly busy which didn’t allow me to advance in my art. So now that I actually have time, I enrolled in Gouache classes  to practice and learn new techniques so here is what I’ve done recently.

Gouache Painting 2.jpg
My first Gouache painting. It was intense but I had fun.
Gouache Painting 1.jpg
Pop Art was my second attempt. The class is only 3 hours so I didn’t have time to paint over to make the colours bold.


Art in Baku

We travelled with my architect best friend Mimi and we dedicated one whole day to visit all the art museums and galleries. Little did we know that we picked the worst month to visit Baku. All the art galleries and museums were closed that month and we didn’t even know why. We walked a lot that day from one museum to another but the doors were locked and we even crossed a motor way LOL to get to one which was closed. Even the famous Museum of Modern Art was closed.



The main placed we wanted to visited were Museum of Modern Art, National Art Museum and YAY Gallery and all were closed in the month of October but we managed to check out some quirky cafes and witnessed amazing building architecture (especially Zaha Hadid) and statues.


Baku (20).jpg


Baku is one city that would be amazing to visit for Art Lovers. Hopefully, we get to visit it again and check out the art works.