Meeting the Medicine Man from Eat, Pray, Love

It was an unexpected trip that was completely planned and organised by Tim. Lately, I’ve been fighting early stages of depression.

Tim thought this would be an opportunity for me to enjoy my time and have a stress-free vacation. We travelled for 5 days and 4 nights and we managed to do a lot which I blog about separately.

Since I’m a fan of the book Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, I became fond of Bali. One of the wishes written on my bucket list is to meet the medicine man in person, his name is Ketut Liver. He managed to read the authors future and gave her wonderful advises. I thought since we are staying in Ubud, it would be a great idea to visit him and so we did….

I told the staff at the hotel that we wanted to visit the medicine man Ketut and they said I was lucky because he lived close but unfortunately Ketut has passed away yet his eldest son is continuing his legacy but that didn’t stop us from visiting him, we were very eager to meet him.

Tim and I arrived at his house at 10 AM, we knocked on the door and he asked us to take off our shoes. He asked me to sit on the mat and to cross my legs, in the yoga position and he said that I was healthy enough to be able to sit like that.

He took my left palm and said I was very emotional and very sad. The first thing he said was ‘you are sad, quit your job’. He said there are a lot of people who are hurting me emotionally and that I think too much and lets things affect me. If I continue to allow this, my third eye will close. If I manage to close that eye, I will never find balance nor peace within myself. So, he said I should pray and mediate to be able to find my balance. He then said you will have babies, 2 kids. A girl and a boy however due to my health condition, I will have the babies quite late.

In conclusion, I need to quit my job to be able to find happiness and work hard towards something that would motivate me. A passion or desire and that I have the perfect husband who will support me. I told him, I will think about it and for sure I do need a change.

So peeps, I will clearly update you with my progress 😊




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