Azerbaijani Cuisine

Azerbaijani cuisine is very similar to Middle Eastern, Russian and Georgian but it’s filled with BUTTER. On our first day, Noor took us to a restaurant called Dolma. Dolma is actually dishes which are stuffed with rice and minced meat. We of course ordered that and it’s similar to the Arabic one but the taste is slightly different and very BUTTERY.




Our favourite dishes are Dolma which is stuffed vegetables, Azerbaijani Plov (I kept removing the raisins) it’s a rice dish served with plum, Qovurma which is kinda similar to Indian korma and our ultimate favourite AZERBAIJANI CHICKEN SAJ. THAT DISH WAS AMAZING and it’s enough for 3 -4 people. Tim and I ordered it once and he ordered it again with Mimi. The picture will speak for itself.



Azerbaijani cuisine is quite interesting to try and if you ever visit, pleaseeee order the AZERBAIJANI CHICKEN SAJ.





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